Konferenca IREG

2nd Academicus Event Maribor

Academic Excellence: between Holy Grail and Measurable Objectives

Maribor January 19th – 20th 2015


Dear members of the IREG Observatory,

The 2nd Academicus event Maribor that took place at the University of Maribor between January 19th – 20th, 2015, in co-organisation between the IREG Observatory, Jiao Tong University Shanghai and University of Maribor attracted 75 participants from different states, especially the neighbouring states of Slovenia Italy, Croatia and Austria, but also from farer states, as Saudi Arabia and India. The programme was spiced with interesting presentations on the topic of the relation between academic awards and the quality of institutions or the question, whether the quality of an institution can be measured by taking a look at the academic awards received by the institution or its researchers. The presentations were followed by vivid discussions giving the result that a lot of work has to be done to come to more grounded information for the measuring of the impact of awards on the quality of an institution.

Another Academicus Event might be needed to further work out a list of relevant international awards with more precise indication of the quality of the receivers of these.

The organisers thank all speakers and moderators, among them also Prof. Klaus Hüfner, as well as the panellists Acad. Prof. Oivind Adersen (Norwegian Academy of Sciences and letters), Acad. Prof. Henryk Rataiczak (Polish Academy of Sciences and Arts), Director Dr. Edvard Kobal (Slovenian Science Foundation), Seeram Ramakrishna (National University of Singapore), and the well-known Niancai Liu (Jiao Tong University Shanghai) rounding up the Academicus Event, and to all participants giving contributions in the discussions. Special thanks to the president of IREG Observatory Prof. Jan Sadlak, who once again proved his quality as organiser, moderator and discusser and made this event another successful gathering of people dealing with quality in higher education and research. The University of Maribor is proud to have such an honorary senator. A special merit also goes to Prof. Niancai Liu and his team for the preparation and the great work done with the List of Academic Awards. Among the domestic speakers, rector prof. Danijel Rebolj, Vice-Rector Prof. Karin Sana Kleinschek, Vice-Rector Prof. Lučka Lorber and the members of the IREG Executive Committee Prof. Gero Federkeil, Prof. Marko Marhl and Prof. Paul Serban Agachi are to be mentioned. We are looking forward to the 3rd Academicus Event and invite you to take a look at the presentations of the 2nd Academicus Event Maribor titled "Academic Excellence: between the Holy Grail and Measurable Objectives" under the website of IREG.



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